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hcron-reload gains an new option: --unload.

Most changes involve improvements to the log entries.

There is one fix for a bug that almost never showed up, but then started to quite regularly. Thanks for the report and work in nailing it down.


  • --unload option for hcron-reload to unload events at the hcron scheduler
  • logging
    • change separator from ":" to "|"
    • add pid to "execute" entry
    • add spawn time to "execute" entry
    • add event chain names to "chain-event" entry
    • add chain event type ("failover" or "next") to "chain-event" entry
  • fixes
    • (HCRON-34) Fix reset of childPids to be empty dict not list


For bug reports, comments, and/or questions, please use one of the means (email, discussion) shown on the site.


In case you missed it, the release of v0.20 provides the hcron-run program which simulates processing of a collection of event files. This can be especially helpful for debugging.