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RUSS - Services over UNIX Domain Sockets

Use UNIX domain sockets for services locally and across the network. Supports C, python, go, and shells.

Latest Version 6.7 (C, pyruss)

Latest Version 0.3 of goruss (for the go programming language)

hcron - Periodic Command Scheduler

hcron is a periodic command scheduler along the lines of the ubiquitous cron–but with some really useful differences. hcron will appeal especially to those at large sites and system administrators.

See How To for new items.

rmirr - Mirroring Tool

Safe and easy way to manage storage mirroring.

hte - HTML Tree Engine

Provides an easy way to programatically build HTML documents.

SSM - Simple Software Manager

A package manager for managing software apart from the native package manager.


A hodge podge of items either too small to have their own space or that don't fit elsewhere.

Python programming:



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