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jgendoc generates HTML documentation based on flattened profile settings. The output is suitable for documenting the system and queues.


usage: jgendoc [<options>]-p <profile>

Load profile and generate document for configuration.

--fmt <fmt>         Output format. Default is html.
--namespaces <name>[,...]
                    Provide information for namespaces. Default is request.
--skip-title        Do not output a title.
--toc-code <html>   Insert table of contents snippet at the very top
                    of the page.


Generate document:

jgendoc -p gpsc1

Add a TOC snippet for Confluence:

jgendoc -p gpsc1 --skip-title --toc-code='<div><b>Contents</b><div><ac:macro ac:name="toc" /></div></div>'


  • Added at the very top of the page.
  • Use --skip-title to disable generation of an H1 level page title. Confluence provides the page title itself.
  • The "Contents" heading is also provided.
  • The standard "toc" macro is used.
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