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The russng package provides:

  • an implementation of the RUSS protocol in C
  • frameworks for clients and servers in C
  • frameworks for clients and servers in Python
  • core collection of command line tools
  • core collection of servers


The following is based on the package for Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 (russng_5.12-ubuntu-14.04_amd64.deb).

Install package:

dpkg -i russng_5.12-ubuntu-14.04_amd64.deb

Install configuration files for core servers:

mkdir /etc/russ/conf/core
cp /etc/russ/samples/conf/{debug,exec,proc,ssh,tee}.conf /etc/russ/conf/core


  • as an alternative, configuration files can be copied to /etc/russ/conf
  • most server configurations can be used without modification

Tweak the exec.conf file by adding/updating with:



  • support for cgroups depends on unified mounts of controllers under a common directory /sys/fs/cgroup/unified
  • migration of processes depends on the tcon (task container) server

Install PAM file:

cp /etc/russ/samples/pam/rusrv_exec /etc/pam.d


  • the rusrv_exec file is suitable for Ubuntu/Debian systems; changes are necessary for RHEL systems

Start the servers:

ruservice core restart

Verify server statuses:

ruservice core status

Test servers:

ruexec +/debug/daytime
ruexec +/exec/simple /bin/hostname
ruexec +/proc/n/status
ruexec +/ssh/localhost/+/debug/daytime

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