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All servers share the same configurables.


All Servers

mainaddrpathPath of socket file.
closeonacceptintegerNon-zero to set server to exit after servicing a single accept/request. Default is 0.
file_groupgid or group nameGroup owner of socket file.
file_modeinteger (use leading 0 for octal)File mode of socket file.
file_useruid or user nameUser owner of socket file.
groupgid or group nameGroup running server. Default is current group.
mkdirs:-separated list of paths(experimental with v5.12) List of paths that must exist, and may be created, in support of the addr.
mkdirs_modeinteger (use leading 0 for octal)(experimental with v5.12) File mode of directories.
pathpathPath of server binary.
useruid or user nameUser running server. Default is current user.
(experimental with v6.8)
<name>stringSet environment variable. Variable substitution is supported using the format "${name}". E.g., "PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}".
(v6.7 and up)
assoft:hardSee RLIMIT_AS for setrlimit(). Empty (soft or hard) value to use current, "unlimited" to set to infinity.

coresoft:hardSee RLIMIT_CORE for setrlimit().

cpusoft:hardSee RLIMIT_CPU for setrlimit().

datasoft:hardSee RLIMIT_DATA for setrlimit().

fsizesoft:hardSee RLIMIT_FSIZE for setrlimit().

memlocksoft:hardSee RLIMIT_MEMLOCK for setrlimit().

nofilesoft:hardSee RLIMIT_NOFILE for setrlimit().

nprocsoft:hardSee RLIMIT_NPROC for setrlimit().

rsssoft:hardSee RLIMIT_RSS for setrlimit().

stacksoft:hardSee RLIMIT_STACK for setrlimit().

The server section is no longer treated as an alias for main in RUSS v6.

pyruss Only


(v6.5 and up)

filenamepathPath of log file. For file handler.
handlerfile | syslogHandler to use.
identstringString to identify the server. For syslog handler.
levelintegerPython logging package level.