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The debug server provides debugging services.


No additional configuration supported.


Provides services useful for debugging. Unless otherwise stated,
stdin, stdout, and stderr all refer to the file descriptor triple
that is returned from a russ_dial call.

    Character generator outputting to stdout; follows the RFC 864
    the RFC 864 protocol sequence.

    Outputs russ connection information.

    Outputs the date and time to the stdout.

/discard[/...] [--perf]
    Discards all data received from stdin; if --perf is specified,
    performance feedback is provide to stderr, otherwise there is

    Simple echo service; receives from stdin and outputs to stdout.

    Outputs environ entries to stdout.

/exit <value>
    Return with given exit value (between 0 and 255).

    Outputs the request information at the server stdout.


Get daytime:

ruexec +/debug/daytime

Run character generator (CTRL-C to stop):

ruexec +/debug/chargen

Get request info:

ruexec -a ABC=123 +/debug/request/x/y/z hi there joe
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