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Execute a command/program with or without a shell (basic or login), and optionally within a cgroup if supported on the platform.

Environment variables may be provided as rudial attributes; use subject to security constraints.


cgroupbasepathBase path (mount point) of unified cgroup controllers.
spathspathspath of service to migrate pids (expects args of <pid>[,...] <cgname>)


Execute a command/program.

    Execute using login, shell, or simple methods within a cgroup
    container. cgname is used to identify the cgroup to use if
    a cg_path attribute is not specified (in which case the cgname
    value is ignored). Note: cgname cannot contain / characters.
/login <cmd>
    Execute a shell command string with a configured login shell.

/shell <cmd>
    Execute a shell command in an unconfigured (not a login) shell.

/simple <path> [<arg> ...]
    Execute a program with arguments directly (no shell).

All services use the given attribute settings to configure the
environment and are applied before shell settings. For security
reasons, some attributes are not passed to the environment (e.g.,


Run simple call (use full path to program):

ruexec +/exec/simple /bin/hostname

Run in basic shell (<cmd> is a single argument, e.g., enclosed in quotes):

ruexec +/exec/shell "ps -ef | wc"

Run in full login shell (<cmd> is a single argument, e.g., enclosed in quotes):

ruexec +/exec/login "env | sort"
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