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The set server is an intermediate server which may be used to set/modify request attributes and positional arguments based on spath components.


No additional configuration supported.


Intermediate service to set/modify attributes and positional
arguments in dial request. Multiple settings can be made by
separating them by the spath separator (/). The period (.) is used
to indicate no more settings to make.

    Set positional argument 'index' to 'value'. There must be a
    at the index position. An index of -1 will append the value to
    the argument list (i.e., argv).

    Set attribute 'name' to 'value'. An existing name assignment in
    the attribute list (i.e., attrv) will be overwritten. Otherwise
    a new entry of 'name=value' will be added.


To demonstrate the effects of the set services, the results are shown using the +/debug/request service.

Set attribute:

ruexec +/set/a=1/./+/debug/request

Override an attribute, compare:

ruexec -a a=0 +/debug/request


ruexec -a a=0 +/set/a=1/./+/debug/request

Append positional arguments:

ruexec +/set/-1=hi/-1=world/./+/debug/request

Set/override positional argument (original positional argument must exist), compare:

ruexec +/debug/request hello world


ruexec +/set/1=billy/./+/debug/request hello world
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