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First Things to Verify

The most common problems arise from:


ssh Configuration

See hcron Guide#UserConfiguration.

Assuming a hostname of, test (run on the machine running hcron-scheduler):

No Format
ssh date
ssh abc date

Vary the test with the username argument if applicable.

If any of these tests require interaction, this may a problem. It is important to have a properly configured ~/.ssh/config to not require interaction in any circumstance.



Only full line comments are supported.

This is not supported:

Code Block
...    # this is the best machine to use

but this is:

Code Block
# this is the best machine to use


Snapshot Cannot be Created

hcron reload causes a snapshot file of the events to be created and be written to ~/.hcron/<fqdn>/snapshot. Make sure that nothing is at that location to block the new file being written.

Snapshot Will not Load

See hcron Guide#EventTree.

Compare the location of your events with (run on the machine running hcron-scheduler):

No Format
bash -c 'ls -d ~/.hcron/$(hcron-info --fqdn)/events'