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mainaddrpathPath of socket file.
closeonacceptintegerNon-zero to set server to exit after servicing a single accept/request. Default is 0.
file_groupgid or group nameGroup owner of socket file.
file_modeinteger (use leading 0 for octal)File mode of socket file.
file_useruid or user nameUser owner of socket file.
groupgid or group nameGroup running server. Default is current group.
mkdirs:-separated list of paths(experimental with v5.12) List of paths that must exist, and may be created, in support of the addr.
mkdirs_modeinteger (use leading 0 for octal)(experimental with v5.12) File mode of directories.
pathpathPath of server binary.
useruid or user nameUser running server. Default is current user.
(experimental with v6.8 and up)
<name>stringSet environment variable. Variable substitution is supported using the format "${name}". E.g., "PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}".
(v6.7 and up)
assoft:hardSee RLIMIT_AS for setrlimit(). Empty (soft or hard) value to use current, "unlimited" to set to infinity.

coresoft:hardSee RLIMIT_CORE for setrlimit().

cpusoft:hardSee RLIMIT_CPU for setrlimit().

datasoft:hardSee RLIMIT_DATA for setrlimit().

fsizesoft:hardSee RLIMIT_FSIZE for setrlimit().

memlocksoft:hardSee RLIMIT_MEMLOCK for setrlimit().

nofilesoft:hardSee RLIMIT_NOFILE for setrlimit().

nprocsoft:hardSee RLIMIT_NPROC for setrlimit().

rsssoft:hardSee RLIMIT_RSS for setrlimit().

stacksoft:hardSee RLIMIT_STACK for setrlimit().