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All servers share the same configurables.


All Servers

mainaccepttimeouttimeoutTimeout (ms) to wait for connection from client just after socket setup. Set up by rustart or ruspawn.
addrpathPath of socket file.
closeonacceptintegerNon-zero to set server to exit after servicing a single accept/request. Default is 0.
file_groupgid or group nameGroup owner of socket file.
file_modeinteger (use leading 0 for octal)File mode of socket file.
file_useruid or user nameUser owner of socket file.
groupgid or group nameGroup running server. Default is current group.
launcher :-separated list of absolute path filenamesStart script program (main:path) using another program/launcher. Default is to use what is provided at line 1 of the script (#! ...).
pathpathPath of server program.
pgidpidProcess group id. Set up by rustart or ruspawn.
sdsocket descriptorSocket descriptor passed to the server program. Set up by rustart or ruspawn.
useruid or user nameUser running server. Default is current user.


Create directory at <path> with <mode> setting and ownership of <uid> and <gid>. Specify -1 for <uid> or <gid> for current uid and gid, respectively..


Set environment variable of server to run in. Variable substitution is supported using the format "${name}". E.g., "PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}".

Note: the environment resets if/after the server switches user to match client.


Soft limit for limitname. limitname  is one of as, core, cpu, data, fsize, memlock, nofile, nproc, rss, stack. See corresponding RLIMIT_* setting for setrlimit(). Value is integer, empty for current value, "unlimited" for infinity.


Hard limit for limitname .


  • main.env settings do not carry over after switching user.
  • main.limits settings carry over after switching user.

pyruss Only


(v6.5 and up)

filenamepathPath of log file. For file handler.
handlerfile | syslogHandler to use.
identstringString to identify the server. For syslog handler.
levelintegerPython logging package level.