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usage: rubb [<options>] <cmd> [<cmdoptions>...]
       rubb -h|--help|help

Manage system or user RUSS bulletin boards (BB). A BB hosts RUSS
services. Although the services can be accessed directly using a
path, the standard way is to use the ("+") plus service. By default,
the plus server searches for services at some system ("system") and
user ("override", "fallback") BBs.

System BBs can host services by either a socket (running) or
configuration file (run on demand). The user BBs host services by
configuration only.

System BBs are configured using the For system BBs, a "sync" command which uses the
/etc/russ/bb.sources file iswhich used to specify the
specifies configuration sources used
to set up. UseAlternatively, the "syncinstall" commandand to"remove" syncronizecommands fromcan
thealso sources to the BBbe used. TheHowever, defaultfor sourcesBBs filethat isare at:managed using    /etc/russ/bb.the sources
file, Systemthe BBs"sync" areoperation located at:

For user BBs, configurations are installedwill overwrite/remove anything that was
installed with "install".

User BBs are configured using the the"install" and "installremove" commandcommands.

Common Optionsoptions:
--bb <bbname>[,...]
  Operate on the              Select named BBBBs. System default is "system", user
               User default is "override".
--bb-all        Select all BBs.
--debug         Print debugging information.
--sources <path>
                (system) Alternate path of the bb.sources file.
--verbose  Operations     Print additional information.

clean           Clean BB.
install <filename> [<newname>]
                Install configuration (filename ends with .conf). Use
                <newname> to override name derived from <filename>.
list [-l]            List BB entries. Use -l for details.
list-bb         List BBs.
list-sources    (system) List sources from sources file.
remove <name>   Remove configuration.
restart [<name>,...]
                Restart server(s).
resync          (system) Call clean+sync.
show <name>     Show configuration.
start [<name>,...]
                Start server(s). Make available for use.
status [<name>,...]
                Report status of servers server(s). Use -l for details.
stop [<name>,...]
                Stop server(s). Make unavailable for useruse.
sync [<tag>,...]
                (system) Syncronize local configuration used sources
                specified in a bb.sources file. Use <tag> to limit
                sources to use.


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rubb sync local

Clean the BBs (will remove BB contents including the BB directory):

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rubb clean

Clean and sync the BB (does not start servers; only affects BBs referenced in the sources file):

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rubb resync

List BB servers:


Get detailed status of all BB servers:

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rubb -l status

Working with Multiple BBs at the Same Time

Some commands can work on multiple BBs. Use the --bb  and --bb-all  options.

Start multiple BBs by name:

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rubb --bb system,local start

Restart all BBs:

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rubb -l--bb-all restart

Get status of all BBs:

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rubb --bb-all status